The greatest praise: Satisfied customers
What our customers say

  • Mr. Franzen brings the ability we want: fine feeling for aesthetics and strategic thinking. He “deconstructed” our product very profoundly apart and delivered it clearly, professionally and objectively to our costumers. Very nice

    Tatjana Erbe / Body Angel, Langen

  • You were extremely helpful regarding the naming of our company and the logo development. Thank you so much.

    Clemens Ott / CONSCIENTA Rechtsanwälte, Offenbach

  • The TIGER Group advises and accompanies me extensively and competently. I have reached all my goals and an almost lost project was saved. I can much recommend the work of Sven Franzen. He stands to this day by my side. Thanks for that.

    Tatjana Erbe / Body Angel, Langen

  • Thank you very much for the professional advice given to us, for which you have taken more than the agreed time with us. You are an absolute gem to our company and as a management consultant really invaluable. We can noticed the joy in your work , your great patience and commitment. Through your work, we have developed ourselves in critical business areas and are now very successful.

    Peter Richert / Events & Incentives, St. Ingbert

  • The TIGER Group has inspired me time and time again for many years with its innovative ideas and implementations. Here, marketing is not an abstract project, but customer oriented and measurable. The coordinated solutions bring total to success to the results.

    Friedhelm Künz / Perspektive4 GmbH, Butzbach

  • TIGER Group is a competent partner in Marketing Communication. By clearly understanding our business and marketing goals, Sven enabled us to stand out in our industry.

    Marcel Awasum / Dolatel GmbH, Duisburg

  • Mr. Franzen was recommended to me when i started thinking about a new website. He has converted my ideas and by doing so created a modern and contemporary website.

    Mladen Herceg, Licht-Konzept und Form AG

  • Sven Franzen manages, in a very special and sympathetic way, to connect his flair for trends with compelling, creative ideas. Working with him is a great pleasure and his achievements are outstanding! Thank you.

    Maja Sommer / STIMME MACHT ERFOLG, Steinbach

  • The TIGER Group has accompanied us for years in the areas of marketing, strategy, and advertising. The work and the results have always exceeded our expectations and desires. Thank you.

    Sylvia Kleudgen, Citygames Frankfurt

  • AAA Derivaten Management AG
  • abelli cosmetics
  • ADTECH GmbH, A Division of AOL Network
  • Aquatoll Erlebnisbad GmbH, Neckarsulm
  • Body Angel
  • CALKO Ltd.
  • Citygames
  • CONSCIENTA Rechtsanwälte
  • Dolatel GmbH
  • Wagner Investments, Dreieich
  • Beyer Unternehmensberatung GmbH, Frankfurt
  • Consulting BRICS Ltd., Wiesbaden
  • DVPT e.V., Offenbach am Main
  • Interactors, Dreieich
  • Mario Haupt, Impulsgeber
  • SAE University, Berlin
  • Consultingbroker GmbH, Babenhausen
  • Roggenberg Consulting
  • Deutsche Anlegermesse, Frankfurt
  • Hype, Brasilien
  • Kreis Offenbach
  • KÜNZ Consulting
  • PETER RICHERT | Events und Incentives
  • Seggy Tours Harz
  • Stimme macht Erfolg
  • Thomas Grau, Politiker
  • Walter Kolb Stiftung
  • Jens Ravari Events
  • Jutta Hirsch Coaching
  • 42eleven UG, Frankfurt
  • Langbein & Hofer Steuerberatungsgesellschaft, Butzbach
  • Ina Badalus, Steuerberatung, Offenbach
  • Ernährungsplan Individuell
  • Academie & Societät Logos GmbH, Frankfurt
  • Copydisc, Wiesbaden
  • Stefan Rudel, Vertriebsexperte