We communicate corporate values
through clever storytelling at exactly the
level that makes them stick to your
customers minds.

Our services

Marketing Consulting
Marketing Strategies
Brand Development
Online Marketing
Content Creation
Marketing Outsourcing

This is TIGER!

Sven Franzen and his team develop brands, strategies, campaigns and selling stories in Offenbach am Main.

Our tactics

Analysis of market positions, customer avatars, brand development, tailor-made strategies – our services at a glance.

Nothing embeds a brand better in customers minds than a sweeping marketing strategy.

Digitalisation and the pressure for innovation make todays markets fast-moving and confusing. Products and offers can get lost in the market jungle faster than ever. Target-oriented marketing contrasts you clearly from competitors!

TIGER optimises your market position with a tailor-made marketing roadmap – efficiently und creatively aimed at the expectations of your target group.

With the ConqCreation®-Method we accompany you on your way to success

1. Analysis 2. Customer avatar 3. Strategy development
4. Campaigns


With customer centricity as a startingpoint for our concepts we create your convincing marketing campaigns.

Creative minds and experienced marketing strategists who like to think outside of comfort zones to design unique campaigns.
An authentic storyline and conclusive content build the base of our ConqCreation®-Method. With ConqCreation® we communicate our customers values genuinely to the target group and design convincing campaigns that get your customers right where they are.

Creative storytelling and content creation are the foundation for a marketing that not only reaches its goal but also sticks to peoples minds. Transparently, reliably, multilingual and with the entrepreneurs 360° look on every assignment. Because TIGERs clients know that marketing makes all the difference.