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Wilhelm-Johann-Meier GmbH

SURI FREY is one of many brands in the brand portfolio of Meier Lederwaren GmbH. The initial situation consisted of an organically grown but not strategically ordered branding and marketing. The aim was to correctly structure the branding, the brand image and the marketing, to restructure and / or position it strategically and to establish “SURI FREY” as a lifestyle fashion brand.

  1. Year: since 2018
  2. Topic: Brand
  3. Goals: Sharpen brand profile, Reach the target group, Image work, Increase sales
  4. Target Groups: B2B2C, B2B, B2C, Women, Multipliers
  5. Industry: Fashion


Restructuring of Branding, Brand Identity and Marketing


Measures undertaken by Tigergroup

  • Kick-off / marketing strategy workshop with all involved employees and partners, using creative methods and marketing tools
  • Analysis of the actual situation
  • Definition of the desired outcome (objective), according to prevailing principles and methodologies
  • Development and elaboration of a full strategy paper based on the workshop input and the practical experience of the agency
  • Preparation of the results below:
  • Developing brand guidelines according to prevailing methods, including the development and definition of the target group; Tone of voice; Development of a comprehensive brand story
  • Developing Photo Guidelines
  • Capture Social Media guidelines
  • Creative development of a corporate design and branding by communication designers
  • End-product delivered to customer: Corporate Identity
  • Development of Fashion collection and seasonal campaign concepts (idea generation, operational planning and research)
  • Operational implementation of the campaigns (monitoring of customer / brand, photo shoots and roll-out of advertising support)
  • Re-launch of Brand Website / Store
  • Video production of moving image for fair appearance: LED steles (see video)


Results of the collaboration


A structured branding


Integration of all employees


Leadership in the marketing


A clear brand appearance


A revised brand website


Increased sales

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