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Rebranding, development of the corporate design and the entire external appearance

Customer Profile

Langbein & Hofer Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH

The medium-sized and rapidly growing tax consulting firm Langbein and Hofer has made a name change in the context of other shareholders / partners and thus was the development of a new contemporary brand on the agenda. The aim was to develop a logosignet based on the previous brand and embed it in a modern corporate design. Subsequently, all media and the external appearance, such as website and vehicular captions should be revised.

  1. Year: since 2015
  2. Topic: Brand and company
  3. Goal: Image-work, improve customer loyalty, strengthen brand profile, reach TG, increase number of employees, increase sales
  4. TG: B2B, B2C, B2E, Women, Men, political influencers
  5. Industry: Consulting, Taxes


Restructuring of the brand, exterior appearance and the marketing


Measures undertaken by Tigergroup

  • Kick-off / marketing strategy workshop with all involved employees and partners, using current creative methods and marketing tools
  • Analysis of the actual situation
  • Definition of the desired situation (objective), according to prevailing principles and methodologies
  • Development and elaboration of a full strategy paper based on the workshop input and the practical experience of the agency
  • Preparation of the results below
  • Developing brand guidelines according to prevailing methods, including the development and definition of the target group; Tone of voice; Development of a comprehensive brand story
  • Creative development of a corporate design and branding by communication designers
  • Revision of the logo
  • Creation of business cards
  • Creation of letterheads, envelopes and balance sheets
  • Delivered to customer end result: Corporate Identity
  • Brainstorming, operative planning and research
  • Operational implementation of the campaigns
  • Launch of the new website
  • Adaptation of social media measures
  • Creation of vehicular captions


Results of the collaboration


Structured Branding


Increased number of employees


Guidance in the marketing


Clear brand appearance


Revised brand website


Increased sales

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