Sparring Partner Program

Make full use of your potential and that of your company with the TIGER sparring partner program. Sven L. Franzen is your personal contact and sparring partner for your challenges in marketing and business development.

This means for you

Experienced accompaniment on your path to success

Expert support in business development and marketing

15 years of marketing experience at your side

Continuous strategic improvement for your business

Sven L. Franzen accompanies you as a sparring partner and a human source for ideas

Creative recommendations for marketing and business development

Regular exchange for continuous optimization of your company’s marketing

Sparring Partner Process

Get ahead with individual support for your business

Sven L. Franzen is the strategist and sparring partner who will support you and give you a solid overview of your opportunities based on your challenges and give you clear and honest feedback on your company.

The sparring partner program is a long-term joint collaboration as an alternative to traditional marketing consulting for you to optimize your business on the way to success.

Regular communication is the key to success:

  1. An intensive strategic briefing twice a month
  2. Update calls in order to “catch up” and to develop new ideas 4 times a month

Which channels should your company use? Which marketing measures should be implemented and which should ones not? How do you establish a sustainable turnover for your business?

A business owner never stops learning. Whether it’s know-how at the foundation, or constant advice on business development and marketing: Sven L. Franzen, founder of the TIGER MARKETING Group, supports you in recognizing your entire potential and exploiting the potential of your company. He challenges you, gives you honest and well-grounded feedback and always speaks plain text – not specialist Chinese. He knows exactly what he is talking about and knows the ups and downs of corporate governance: He founded his first company 15 years ago and sees it as his task to pass on the knowledge gained from the experience to entrepreneurs. With his know-how and the courage to go unconventional ways in business development and marketing, he enriches your company with creative recommendations, innovative ideas and unique coaching methods.

In summary

Your benefits at a glance

Together with Sven L. Franzen you will get even more out of your company with regard to the topics of marketing and business development.

How to use your potential – and that of your company.

Ready to attack?

Get ready to pounce!

You would rather first have a consulting session?

We are happy to advise you on your challenges in marketing.

Our marketing consultancy provides you with support in your challenges, new impulses for your marketing as well as a definite feedback on how to optimize your marketing.

Here you can find out more about us and the founder Sven L. Franzen

The German government supports your marketing

Our funding opportunities

As one of the few consulting companies in Germany, we are proud to be accredited for government subsidies and grants. Thus, our marketing audit, the development of your marketing strategy, our marketing consulting, the idea think tank, the sparring partner program and the start-up program are funded by the government.
With up to € 1,500 for existing companies from the third year after founding and up to € 2,000 for new companies and start-ups that, unlike a traditional loan, do not have to be repaid. Talk to us about your funding opportunities.


Selected references of our marketing agency Frankfurt

No wilderness is too dangerous for us, no prey too big. With passion and courage, we create an unmistakable brand image for our customers and set the track for their success. Large brands are also among our clients, as are SMEs and family businesses from Germany, Brazil, Great Britain and South Africa. We help innovative start-ups and make “hidden champions” be heard.

Ready to attack?

Get ready to pounce!

Tiger Blog

Sven Franzen regularly writes for Impulse Magazin and the Huffington Post, addressing his life as a young entrepreneur and gives tips on marketing and sales topics, successful negotiations and strong customer relationships.