Marketing­ Strategy

The marketing strategy process creates a complete marketing strategy for your future marketing.

This means for you:

A clear plan for successful marketing.

Analyzing your current marketing activities and campaigns through our marketing analysis paper

Identifying optimization potential for your marketing

Defining your objectives (target state)

Demonstrating possible optimization / action recommendations

Developing concrete campaign ideas, target group personas and time- and budget plans

Output: A marketing strategy plan with a marketing channel mix and specific campaigns

Marketing Strategy Process

The marketing strategy process will develop a holistic marketing strategy.

The marketing strategy is based on a complete analysis of your business and past marketing engagements, which is acquired by a detailed marketing analysis sheet. As part of a several-hour think tank workshop, we will discuss your goals and challenges together with you. On the basis of the information gathered in the workshop, we will develop for you a full and comprehensive marketing strategy, incorporating detailed campaign ideas with a channel plan and concrete recommendations for your marketing mix. The marketing strategy process incorporates the following aspects:

  1. Analyzing your current marketing (Is-Analysis)
  2. Defining your goals and challenges
  3. Defining and developing target group personas
  4. Developing optimization opportunities and concrete recommendations for action
  5. Drafting your marketing mix with a channel plan and detailed campaign ideas and budget and a time plan
  6. Output: a full marketing strategy with the content from the previous points

Optimal marketing must to be well prepared. As part of our marketing strategy process, your current marketing will be analyzed and a full marketing strategy will be developed. The result: a concrete plan for the implementation of future campaigns, measures and activities.

In summary:

Your benefits at a glance

Our marketing consulting will provide you with feedback within a short period of time for the optimization of your marketing. You and your team members will get valuable insight into your corporate marketing from the outside.

Equipped with a different perspective, you will be able to approach your challenges in the future.

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You want your strategy to be targeted and set up in an efficient manner?

Marketing Management Outsourcing

Outsource your marketing without risks, completely aware of your costs and resources. As part of our marketing management outsourcing, we will act as your outsourced marketing department – full service, reliable, scalable and always up to date. Click here for more info.

The German government supports your marketing

Our funding opportunities

As one of the few consulting companies in Germany, we are proud to be accredited for government subsidies and grants. Thus, our marketing audit, the development of your marketing strategy, our marketing consulting, the idea think tank, the sparring partner program and the start-up program are funded by the government.
With up to € 1,500 for existing companies from the third year after founding and up to € 2,000 for new companies and start-ups that, unlike a traditional loan, do not have to be repaid. Talk to us about your funding opportunities.


Selected references of our marketing agency Frankfurt

No wilderness is too dangerous for us, no prey too big. With passion and courage, we create an unmistakable brand image for our customers and set the track for their success. Large brands are also among our clients, as are SMEs and family businesses from Germany, Brazil, Great Britain and South Africa. We help innovative start-ups and make “hidden champions” be heard.

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