Marketing Audit

The process in the marketing audit will examine your marketing and give you feedback on the effectiveness of your marketing activities and how they can be optimized in the future.

This means for you

Your company’s marketing examined by experts.

A comprehensive analysis of your current marketing activities and campaigns

Identification of optimization potential in your marketing

Defining your objectives (target state)

Demonstration of possible optimization measures

Demonstration of possible implementation recommendations

Output: Analysis paper with the content from the previous points

Marketing Audit Process

A marketing audit examines whether your marketing meets today’s market requirements.

This process will consist of the following steps:

  1. Analyzing your current marketing (Is-Situation)
  2. Defining your goals as a SMART Goal Matrix
  3. Identifying your strengths, weaknesses and optimization potential as well as risks
  4. Examining, evaluating and comparing of the analyses and definitions
  5. Developing optimization opportunities
  6. Preparing recommendations for action

Corporate marketing has gained considerable importance in recent years. The good management and strategic building of your company’s marketing and brand management (marketing / brand management) is an important component and is as demanding as the company’s management itself. Our marketing audit will show you a clear analysis of your current situation and current marketing; it will open your eyes to possible optimization potentials and will present brief recommendations for action.

In summary

Your benefits at a glance

Our marketing audit is structured in such a way that you and your team members have clarified all the above points with us within the preceding marketing analysis sheets and a four-hour workshop. On the basis of this, we will develop for you an audit “paper” with a summary of the results as well as our recommendations for your marketing.

Within one to two weeks, you will have a clear overview of the “health” of your company’s marketing.

Ready to attack?

Get ready to pounce!

You want more?

A full marketing strategy

With our marketing strategy process, you will not only get our recommendations for action, but you will receive a holistic strategy for your marketing with concrete campaign ideas, suggestions and a marketing channel mix, which you can use as a basis for your future development.

The German government supports your marketing

Our funding opportunities

As one of the few consulting companies in Germany, we are proud to be accredited for government subsidies and grants. Thus, our marketing audit, the development of your marketing strategy, our marketing consulting, the idea think tank, the sparring partner program and the start-up program are funded by the government.
With up to € 1,500 for existing companies from the third year after founding and up to € 2,000 for new companies and start-ups that, unlike a traditional loan, do not have to be repaid. Talk to us about your funding opportunities.