Brand Guideline

Communicate a consistent brand identity. Your brand guideline sets the core values of your business and documents the basic rules for building and maintaining your entrepreneurial identity and brand.

This means for you:

Your brand guideline: clear guidelines for your brand communication.

Continuity in your corporate communication

Your values and beliefs are stored: whether in communication guidelines, photography- and social media guidelines

A visual and communicative brand identity

Time saving by avoiding problems in the coordination

Authenticity through a consistent communication

Clear communication of your brand on the inside and towards the outside

Brand Guideline Process

Your brand guideline defines the business values ​​and goals, your brand identity and the positioning of your company in the market.

From brand stories to target groups, logos, company colors, fonts and graphic layouts to communication guidelines – your brand guideline is the „handbook“ for your corporate identity. The following process triggers the creative development:

  1. Briefing about wishes and basic company information on values, philosophy and brand beliefs
  2. Extensive Think-Tank workshop to develop your brand identity
  3. Development and definition of your corporate design
  4. Optional: Extension to photo, video and model guidelines and much more.

Communicate a consistent brand identity – if your branded content is not clear to all employees and partners, it can blur your brand and weaken your brand communication. Your brand guidelines are concrete guidelines that consistently communicate your brand to the inside and outside, creating authenticity, a strong level of trust and recognition. Your brand is more than a logo: your brand guideline serves as a guide for both new and existing employees and external partners, reducing the time-to-market of materials for your marketing efforts by reducing stylistic errors. In particular, medium-sized companies benefit from fewer interface problems and a clear communication, but even large companies can optimize their brand presence.

In summary

Your benefits at a glance

A brand guideline structures and establishes your entrepreneurial identity. This not only saves time internally, but also reduces the training time for new employees.

It creates continuity in the communication of your brand to the outside and inside – creating authenticity, trust and recognition.

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You only need a guideline for the visual appearance of your company?

Store your corporate design in your guideline

A corporate design guideline creates a consistent and recognizable external representation of your company.

We will support you in ensuring that your brand guideline is optimally implemented.

Brand Management

Learn more about our brand management and how we optimize it.


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