Name Finding

You position your company and your brand in the minds of your customers with your company’s name. Within a creative process, our customers will be professionally supported by our team to develop corporate-, brand names and slogans. The resulting output communicates your clear positioning, corporate values, corporate personality of the minds behind it and your uniqueness in the market.

This means for you

Creativity and expressiveness combined.

Development of names and slogans within a creative process

A crisp and clean wording

A creative and successful brand name

A check for free domains and trademark entries (in the DPMA, not legally binding, optional)

Optional: Support in the trademark registration with our cooperation law firm in trademark law in Germany, Europe and worldwide

Name Finding Process

We will create a unique and meaningful name for you.

Are you about to found a new business or launch a new product? Do you need a new brand name because your business is growing, merging, or completely changing? Many “parents” are struggling and regularly seek support from our creative team as a companion, sparring partner, and idea generator when it comes to the company’s name. – With creativity and “out of the box thinking” we will create a unique and meaningful company name, product name or slogan for you. Our process looks as follows:

  1. Briefing with relevant information
  2. TIGER Think-Tank: brainstorming with the use of current creative methods
  3. Development of potential names
  4. Examination for trademark law and domain
  5. Selection and decision of the optimal name / slogan by you

“I stand by my name”. This is not only a popular phrase for individuals, but also for any business. A good name represents your corporate values ​​and puts your positioning on point. With fresh and innovative ideas we will find a unique and meaningful name for you.

In summary

Your benefits at a glance

Our namefinding provides you with creative and meaningful names. If needed, we will assist you with the trademark registration with a cooperation law firm in trademark law, Germany, Europe and worldwide.

Make a strong first impression and increase your recognition.

Ready to attack?

Get ready to pounce!

For a perfect first impression, you will need more than just a compelling name.

Logo Development

The perfect name harmonizes with an expressive logo and thus ensures an optimal first impression.


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No wilderness is too dangerous for us, no prey too big. With passion and courage, we create an unmistakable brand image for our customers and set the track for their success. Large brands are also among our clients, as are SMEs and family businesses from Germany, Brazil, Great Britain and South Africa. We help innovative start-ups and make “hidden champions” be heard.

Ready to attack?

Get ready to pounce!

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