Corporate Design

Give your company a unique look! A consistent and well-coordinated corporate design conveys the emotional core messages of your brand and increases the effectiveness and recognition value of your brand.

This means for you

Your corporate design: The visual corporate identity.

Development of a unique corporate design

Clear recognizability of your company to the outside

Corporate design communicates the positioning of your company

Definition of corporate colors and fonts, graphic shapes and layouts

Internal clarity about the visual corporate presentation

Continuity: Employees, partners and suppliers present your brand in a consistent manner

Corporate Design Process

Communicate the visual representation of your brand consistently and clearly.

The definition of a clear and creative corporate design includes the finding and developing of coordinated corporate colors, complementary colors for creative accentuation, and fonts that communicate your corporate values ​​to the outside world. Moreover, important design elements and shapes, as well as (if desired), standard layout constructions (grids) are defined. The following steps illustrate the process:

  1. Briefing on wishes and basic company information regarding values, philosophy and the brand belief
  2. Our internal creative process starts
  3. Development of your corporate design
  4. Revision, release and final artwork of the final version

The corporate design is the most basic „law“ of brand representation. A clear communication and perfectly coordinated corporate design ensures an increase in recognition of your company and thus a greater brand value of your company. It also carries important emotional messages. A uniform appearance on the inside and towards the outside, a clear recognition and a design with which your customers can identify themselves: Your corporate design visualizes your company and corporate values ​​and thus signals consistency in your corporate communication. Every company has its own DNA. We will analyze and develop yours and replicate this through your brand to the outside world.

In summary

Your benefits at a glance

Your corporate design supports you with a clear and consistent visual communication with your customers and partners, increases the recognition value of your brand and serves as a guide to the corporate presentation for your employees.

Defining your corporate design helps you assert yourself on the market.

Ready to attack?

Get ready to pounce!

Capture what your business and brands stand for

Store it in your brand guideline

Create a clear corporate claim which is communicated both internally and externally. Find out more about the development of your brand guideline here.


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Ready to attack?

Get ready to pounce!

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