Marketing Internationalization

Our marketing-internalization-process accompanies you in every phase of internationalization of your company and marketing between Germany, Austria (the EU) and Brazil.

This means for you

A reliable partner, who will tap into new markets with you.

Analysis of the market and identification of market-entry barriers

Development of market entry strategies

Internationalization of your marketing

Implementation of all marketing activities

Scouting and building of relevant partner-relationships abroad

Contact with potential investors, accelerators and funding networks

Marketing-Internationalisation Process:

You are looking to tap into new markets and find potential sales channels?

In our marketing-internationalization-workshop, we will work on the next steps towards your market expansion – whether it is a market analysis, development of a strategy or the implementation of marketing. The process of marketing internationalization looks as follows:

  1. Briefing for your goals and objectives
  2. Extensive research regarding your topic (market analysis). An intensive exchange during an initial internationalization workshop.
  3. A market-entry-strategy for your expansion. Well-founded strategy development for your company and your products in order to successfully enter the selected markets.
  4. Implementation of your marketing internationalization. Execution of all pre-defined milestones and development of your brand for the selected markets.

Every market is unique in its own way, and business practices and cultural behaviors often vary quite drastically. We will develop country-specific marketing for your brand, in order to ensure the best possible outcome and the achievement of your objectives. We are especially experienced with so-called ’emerging markets’.

Due to our internationality, we are fluent in various languages, and are especially focused on countries such as Brazil, for example.

In summary

Your benefits at a glance

A market-entry must be planned strategically and implemented on the results of an in-depth and thorough analysis. In addition to an individualized marketing, you will need the right contacts in the target country. That is why we want to become your strong partner for your marketing internationalization.

Our strengths

This is why our customers trust us


We are fluent in Portuguese, English and German


Modern corporate structures with an international network of experts and freelancers


Contacts in the industry and start-up scence, contact to investors and influencers


We have lived and worked in Brazil for several years


Accessibility to government organizations and funding programs


Implemented projects including RIMOWA, Audi do Brasil, Mucca Ltd., and many more

Ready to attack?

Get ready to pounce!

You want to know who you will be dealing with?

Your contact persons

Sven L. Franzen
Entrepreneur / marketing strategist

Georg Klausner
Online marketing expert

The German government supports your marketing

Our funding opportunities

As one of the few consulting companies in Germany, we are proud to be accredited for government subsidies and grants. Thus, our marketing audit, the development of your marketing strategy, our marketing consulting, the idea think tank, the sparring partner program and the start-up program are funded by the government.
With up to € 1,500 for existing companies from the third year after founding and up to € 2,000 for new companies and start-ups that, unlike a traditional loan, do not have to be repaid. Talk to us about your funding opportunities.


Selected references of our marketing agency Frankfurt

No wilderness is too dangerous for us, no prey too big. With passion and courage, we create an unmistakable brand image for our customers and set the track for their success. Large brands are also among our clients, as are SMEs and family businesses from Germany, Brazil, Great Britain and South Africa. We help innovative start-ups and make “hidden champions” be heard.

Ready to attack?

Get ready to pounce!

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